Staying independent

Live in care is all about maintaining your independence. It is about staying in your own home and continuing to live the life you choose. A carer will come and live with you full time and help with whatever you need to make life easier. We believe that with the right carer, you can continue to live a full, free and active life.

How we can help

Because we have worked as carers ourselves, we understand your needs.
We work hard reviewing hundreds of applications, interviewing the best carers, speaking to references and covering background checks. Only then can they register with us. We have extremely high standards and only choose people we think have that right mixture of compassion, flexibility and efficiency. So whoever comes to help, you can be sure they are hand picked, trusted and experienced.

elderly care at home

Ongoing support

We are here to support you through the whole process, we will answer any questions you may have and offer guidance through all aspects of your care. If there are any problems we will go out of our way to help.

grandpa reading with his live in carer

The right carer for you

Our carers can help you with anything from companionship, cooking, shopping, light cleaning to personal care and helping with medication. We carefully match you to someone with the right skills and personality to be able to help you live how you choose. Our carers are able to go anywhere in the UK and whatever your needs we can find someone that will be right for you.

an elderly woman sitting with her live in carer

Care for as long as you need

We aim to always have enough carers so that you will have someone available when you need. A carer will typically stay between 2 to 8 weeks and we are working hard in the background to make sure there will always be that next special person to come and take over. For more detailed information about what we offer, please read our FAQ or call us on 0208 1239714 to find out how we can help.