How we started

Careleaf started as two friends Ollie and Nick who loved working as live-in carers. We cared for many different clients over the years, lived in their homes, got to know them really well and helped them live life to the full. We learned that a good live-in carer needs to offer a balance of compassion and support, while giving a client space to live the life they choose. They need to be good listeners, adapt to a client’s needs, as well as bringing a positive and proactive attitude to each day.

Time for a change

Over time we listened to what clients wanted from a care agency. Care can be expensive. Whether that’s live-in, or a care home, the costs can mount up. It seemed many agencies charged large fees for their service, often several hundred pounds a week and we wondered how we could make it more affordable. Many were also unfriendly and uncaring towards both their clients and carers.

the best 24 hour live in care

A new model

Most care services will say they are caring and compassionate, but how much of that is lip service? The care horror stories that often emerge in the news are reason enough to doubt the rhetoric. So what makes us different? Well, the real difference is that we are still run and managed by our founders who have a grounding in meditation and wisdom traditions from the east. These traditions have compassion and caring for others at their core and it was this desire to really care for people that led us to be carers in the first place. Care is a life choice for us, and those core ethics have become woven into who we are over the past 15 years of practice.

carer caring at home

Careleaf today

After working as carers for other agencies, we realised that we could do a better, more authentic job of caring for others, one that is more than just a business, and since 2015 we have been doing just that.