How we started

Careleaf started as two friends, Ollie and Nick, who loved working as live-in carers. We cared for many different clients over the years, lived in their homes, got to know them really well and helped them live life to the full.

Time for a change

During our time as carers we felt that sadly, many care agencies were less than caring towards both their clients and carers. They were inflexible and we felt they were overpriced too. Often, they made a difficult situation for clients, worse. We felt we could do a better job at helping people find great care for their loved ones, at a price they can afford.

Care with kindness

So what makes us different? Well, the real difference is that we are run by carers with a strong foundation in mindfulness and ancient wisdom traditions. These traditions have compassion and caring for others at their core and it was this desire to really care for people that led us to be carers in the first place. Care is a life choice for us, and those core ethics have become woven into who we are. We wanted to create a care agency that really cares.

carer caring at home

Careleaf today

Our mission when we began in 2015 was to provide the best, most experienced and most compassionate carers to our clients, to make their lives as enjoyable and full as ever. That’s what we’ve been doing ever since and we still wake up every morning with a passion to do it even better.