When someone with dementia is unable to take care of themselves there is the inevitable need for support. If there is nobody at home that is able to offer this support then usually the first step is for someone to come and visit on a regular basis to offer care. Very often this can progress to where near constant supervision is required.

At this stage, for many, the only option they consider is to go to a residential care home although due to the various symptoms of dementia, most people would rather stay in their own home where they feel comforted in familiar surroundings. 


Change is especially daunting for those with dementia and the upheaval of having to move out and go to a care home can be quite traumatic. 

Which is why live in care for dementia is the perfect for solution for people in that situation.

Unlike in residential homes where the needs of many need to be taken into account, live in care for dementia is a personal service tailored to the individual so the person can continue to live how they want. So there is no need to make changes to the normal daily routine.

The support of having a live in carer can help to reduce feelings of loneliness and vulnerability. They can even encourage and help to organise a social life.

There is also peace of mind for the family of the person with dementia knowing that their loved one is cared for 24 hours a day and they can visit whenever they want without the restrictions that are in place in a nursing or care home.

 It is surprising in todays day and age how few people are aware that live in care is an option, and not only that, but comparable in price or less expensive than a residential care or nursing home. It is particularly cost effective when couples are involved and one carer can take care of two people.

According to a recent study by the Alzheimer’s society live in care for dementia is the preferred choice for 85% of people in need of care.  So it is surprising that even now, there are so many people in residential homes but relatively few with a live in carer. Which is why we at careleaf are helping to connect people with dementia to compassionate live in carers so people can stay happy at home and live independently.

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