Oliver Card

Co-Founder and Managing Director – After completing a masters in Mathematics, and then working as a management consultant in central London, Ollie took a career break to spend time exploring mindfulness and meditation combined with volunteer work. Initially, the career break was planned to be one year, but somehow this turned into 9 years! Looking for a way to put into practice the values of patience, compassion, and working for the benefit of others, Ollie spent a lot of this time doing live-in care work. This allowed Ollie to continue to study and practice of mindfulness. One of the key aspects of the teachings he studied is to work for the benefit of others and act with compassion for those in need.

Ana Maria Garcia

Accounts manager and brand advisor –  Ana has a background in accounting and management and assists us with managing our client accounts and helping to develop our brand identity. Ana has been a student of mindfulness and meditation since 1998 and is a keen artist and singer.

Nicholas Werber

Co-Founder and Creative Director. Nick is a graduate from the School of Creative arts in central London and went on to work for top advertising agencies as a creative copywriter where he has won 3 D&AD pencils. He is a film maker having made an award winning film about rainforest conservation for national geographic. He worked as a live-in carer for several years in between film projects and is also a keen meditator having attended many yoga and meditation retreats. Nick and Ollie have been close friends for 20 years. Nick no longer works for Careleaf day to day but still overseas the creative projects.

Prakesh Kumar

Chief Technical Officer – As our chief technical officer Prakesh has helped us to build and maintain our website and has assisted us with our online marketing strategy.